Come child

Come child, eat your breakfast, it’s there in the pot
It’s rice cooked in water. The salt isn’t much
Come sit with your sister on the pile of our stuff
The walls are down now, but the roof is still up

They’re taking it down now. Please hurry and eat
Now give me the pot and sandal your feet

Be careful my daughter, you carry the boy,
I’ll carry the mattress. Please hurry and go
Take care where you step, girl, there’s glass on the ground
The policemen are watching, please don’t turn around

Your father is working
He takes down our home
Most houses are down now
The neighbours have gone

We don’t have much stuff now, so much has been lost
But the rice pot and cooker, the mattress I’ve got

Good they didn’t beat us
Not even the men,
But where do we go now
We’re homeless again

The men piled the poles up, the plastic and sticks
But where do we take it and what are the risks

Nobody is weeping,
there’s nothing to waste
We cried in the night
But now we make haste

From the road folks are watching,
they slow down and stare
Nobody is talking
Our lives are laid bare

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