Farmhouse Night


We slept one night in a farmhouse, farmer and family left their warmth
in thin mattresses for us to enjoy, after campfire and dancing.
Bare-foot dusty pounding,
smoke in my hair.

We slept two to a bed, tired limbs dragging us into dreamless
sleep, until shaken by screams, sharp-eyed shape of a rat.
Inquisitive peering
from cracks in dirt walls.

Pinprick torch light in pouring darkness, midnight rain’s
monsoon flood, visions of landslides, bare rocks, broken limbs.
Wide-eyed awake
while our young ones slept on.

We slept, after all, ‘til the world was reborn, Himalayan
sunrise, smoky coffee, damp socks. Relieved, rested and restless.
Fresh fire-fried eggs,
we trek eagerly on.


Dhaka 2014




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