Possibility (2)

I’ll live in possibility, where odds are always high,

embrace the opportunities a lively life supplies.

When unfamiliar music starts, I’ll step out on the floor,

not held back by some nameless dread, but ready to explore.


I’ll recognize potential – the spark that wants to glow -

notice seeds in frozen ground that need some warmth to grow.

The apathy that hides a fear of failure can be fought,

we can succeed if we believe without a second thought.


I’ll take responsibility, I’ll not deny or blame –

a misstep is a lesson learned and never cause for shame.

I’ll contribute the best I have; engaging in each task,

the more we give the more we grow; the end is a new start.


I’ll speak out with integrity, I know that words can harm -

my words will build and not tear down, they’ll comfort and they’ll warm.

I’ll cultivate the power of the words that set us free,

in truth, with warmth and clarity, from loving honesty.


My expectations are for good, from life and fate and you -

an optimist still sees the sun when clouds block out the view.

I cultivate a sense of wonder in this world we share,

the path may not be as we plan, but still the path is there.



Dhaka 2014

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