Telling a story

When you tell a story you’re airing an idea

Picking out the essence, trying to make it clear

Sharing your translation of the facts and deeds

Searching fertile seedbeds – there to plant your seeds


When life’s inspiration builds up in your heart

When the words start queuing then you make a start

Your interpretation of the how and why

Laying bare the candor that you can’t deny


When you have a message that you can’t make clear

When you want to give a hint or unwrap a fear

Sharing some small wisdom that might help a friend

Finding words to ease a lie gently to its end


Fairy tales aren’t childish, we all need them too

Legends that remind us of what we still might do

Narrating your own history helps to make some sense

Please tell me a story – words without pretense


Dhaka 2013

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