Through the gate

Arrive at final goal, sweating,  
panting – exhilarated.
The strived for moment.
Final barrier closed, but unlocked.
Lean all your weight against
its solid resistance.
First glimmer of light breaks
through splinter slim gap,
opening, cracking apart.
Heart leaps with bright first ray,
dancing particles in sunny light
as gate creaks slowly wide.
Delight and relief flood in,
sweet satisfaction as your gaze
falls on new landscape.
But now you see –
there are three paths,
each with forks and bends,
with potholes,
broken cobble stones,
indecipherable signs.
Unexpectedly you face not a single
smooth path but again a blurred
choice and no map.



Dhaka 2014

2 thoughts on “Through the gate

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