Blue Pearl

Our sea was overfull that day,

and overflowing filled all earth.

Gold sunlight glanced off waves and swells

then drifted lazy to blue depth,

where fishes flashed it silver back.


Live coral gardens gleamed and rolled

contented in their beauty,

and tiny fishes hid and peeped

at scary wonders in the deep.


Warm ocean had no end that day,

horizon wide she swelled and swayed.

Blue rocked and rolled while lullabies

sang soundless in warm air.


High sky reflected blue, blue sea,

blue sea reflected sky,

and endlessness embraced our world,

a floating blue and lovely pearl.



2 thoughts on “Blue Pearl

  1. Thank you, Hali. It was written based on the snorkeling trips when we lived in Diani. Not so different from Zanzibar.

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