Dear niece-daughters


So much to say, so much advice to give,
but I’ll keep it short, for you’re still so small -
I’ll just mention what is easy to remember and simple to understand.

First, you need to know that it feels good to do good,
so, always do your best for others and especially for yourself,
then things will go well for you.

When you are kind and soft to others, you do not make yourself weak,
on the contrary, you become strong -
feel for others and let your feelings run away with you.

To be beautiful, be as like yourself as possible,
although it can be difficult, especially for lovely young girls.

When you grow up and go into the world to seek your happiness,
do not look for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow,
but seek joy amongst people – that is where true happiness is.

I wish you a strong and beautiful life,
filled with empathy and emotion,
filled with adventures, large and small.


Denmark 2015




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