Through the hourglass

I watch young children in oblivious play,
shouting, stomping, laughing in childhoods self absorbed way,
and I want to tell the restlessly watching parents not to fret, not to frown,
It does not matter; you’ve already let your guard down.
Now, lasts forever but the next moment is already pushing on
and before you finish this sentence they will have grown -
before you know for whom you wait
it’s too late,
so fast the moment will be past.
I remember how one can’t imagine the nearness of the next instant
nor this moments dearness ‘til  it’s gone.
Frozen in the moment, gazing at the view, lazing in the sunshine
but in the same slow, sleepy, drawn out moment
we’re hurrying, scurrying up life’s unevenly stepped ladder.
While every moment in that moment lasts forever
we slip with sand grains through the hourglass’ center,
in a flash as bright at the speed of light
through the curve of distorting glass
you see it pass.
Dhaka 2012

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