At the time

Seemed correct at the time,
important, organically true.
Unquestionable fantasy facts
on sharp metallic threats.

Seemed wisest to believe
self-righteous statements.
Anchor our importance,
clarify our sanctified position.

A place,
a time,
a truth
that disappeared.

Remember, we were young
and mostly innocent.
The world was scary –
they said they’d keep us safe.

Terror tales that might be true.
Power seemed unshakable,
unbreakable authority,
lies purest white.

“Follow our rules, you’ll be fine.”

Should have laughed scorn in stern faces,
questioned their unraveling logic.
Instead, before we fled,
we feebly flailing, clinging on
to sinking systems.

A place,
a time,
a truth
that disappeared.

Dhaka 2015


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