Rest in Peace

I cannot bare to think of your death and your suffering

I cannot stop thinking about your death and suffering

I cannot bare to think of the perpetrators, I don’t want to believe such people exist

I cannot stop thinking about the perpetrators and how such people come to exist


I have to believe that through your death the world has been woken and changed

I must be part of the world that through your death has been woken and changed

I have been so shaken by the events that I lie awake thinking of you

I sense the world has been so shaken by your death that many lie awake, thinking of you


I will not forget, I will remember you, in memory of you I will keep my eyes open

I will speak out against injustice, in your memory I will do more, care more, speak out more


I see the citizens of Delhi and India and the world shout and demand justice for your suffering

I see young and old, men and women, unite in sympathy and the demand for life and decency for all

I see hope for the change of the system that produced your tormentors

I see a chance for change in the world that grew your murderers


I know the world must change for the better, change for your sisters, change with our children

I cry for your suffering, I beg your forgiveness that the world contains such cruelty

I thank you for your terrible sacrifice,

Rest in peace


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