Can you not see?

 Do you not see that there are changes ahead?

The smog is laden with dread  and the fish are all dead


Can you not feel that there is bad news to come?

There are kids on the run and the sound of a gun


Can you not sense that people don’t feel the same?

That it’s not just a shame where there’s no one to blame


Do you believe that you’ll be let off the hook?

There’s a child with a book, can you not read that look?


Do you not see that we must all raise our voice?

There is really no choice, got to challenge their noise


Can you not tell that it is time to speak out?

As the storm blows about, got to step out and shout


Can you not smell that there is filth in the air?

Big business won’t share, politicians don’t care


Do you not sense that it is time to think clear?

To consider what’s dear and to speak without fear


Do you believe that we make an impact?

If we all make a pact holding on to the facts


Will you be the change that you’re hoping to see?

just a drop in the sea is the start that we need

2 thoughts on “Can you not see?

  1. Darun ! ( Great !). Thank you ! I wish I could get back the strength someday and write a few lines like you wrote !

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