The unknown

Sail wide seas, sail wide seas – the wind is blowing strong,
you pause and feel its power and know the time has come.
Hauling, furling, creaking ropes, breathe grey wash of time,
feel the gasp of destiny, of birth, of death, security
is ebbing with the tide.

Adjust the sails, adjust the sails – these storms will surely cost,
strain anchor chain, prepare for change, good hope is never lost.
Priming, planning, rub scarred hands, grip tight what you can hold,
make ready for you know not what, the bond is cut
that bound you to the old.

A gleaming twist from glowing mist, the future steps on board,
her voice is calm and confident – she guides to unknown shores.
Let down the sails, make fast looped cords, bring only what you must,
and trembling still, eyes raised in hope, you swing ashore, you cut the rope
and step new earth in trust.


Dhaka 2014

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