Loving Bangkok


Traffic, Skytrain, highways, bikes; practical women with motorbike restaurants serving breakfast soups for commuters, each fragrant bowl handled with a polite bow.

Heat, downpours, steaming morning; old men huddled around checker boards on hard park benches, while the world jogs panting past in neon sports gear and high tech trainers.

Bridges, buses, markets, malls; whistlers on riverboats, coming and goings, stumbling on board from swaying jetties, shoppers and school girls, tourists and workers.

Oil, boil, soy, noodles: red curry paste, seafood and river shrimp in coconut milk, lime leaves and lemongrass, chili, cashew nuts, rice and iced tea.

Temples, gold, jewels, mirrors: calm moment kneeling in golden glow, peaceful glance from half closed eyes, rustle of orange robes, quiet-hearted oriental city.



Bangkok 2014

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