Ladies night

Dear sister-ship of ladies,
oh, doers of great deeds
an evening in this company
is what I greatly need.

A chance to talk of policies,
of plans and budget flaws,
of office wars,
of household chores
and maybe, as the night goes on
we’ll plan some weekend tours.

This world is full of challenges
with men who push and shout,
who seek the best man for the job -
not that they mean to keep us out.

We might not be invited
to the old-boys back-slap club
the late night pub,
their network hub,
but don’t lose faith, just smile and wave
and keep on handing sisters up.

Each day you have to watch your step
the ladder’s steep, the ceiling’s glass,
there’s no upgrade to business class,
just cling on to your boarding pass.

And here in female company
we can let our spirits glow,
our ankles show,
our laughter flow
and rest assured, we’re marching on
to change the status quo.


Dhaka 2014

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