Poetry on my mind

Poetry is the word image that forms perfect, lovely and complete in your mind

Phrases ring and rhyme to each other in chiming harmony

Full formed words and images skip lightly across the stage of your mind

As you wake from light sleep or the slumber of daydreams

You reach out to capture their easy charm,

Their simple, natural beauty


They slip silently behind the screens as you try to focus and hold and capture their image

You try to write them but they seep from your attention

Before they reach the hot page the dancing words evaporate

Like silver mist on deep dark water

In the glare of morning sunshine


Poetry is the verse that repeats pleasantly in your mind

The satisfaction of a phrase well and simply said

The delight of a rhyme that rings a rhythm that matches your own

The words that can surely be said in no other way

Language with the essence distilled

Language of the soul


Dhaka 2011


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