Welcome to Rilla’s poems

Welcome to Rilla’s Poems!

You can never have too much poetry in your life, so I hope you will take the time to have a look through this site and find something you enjoy reading. All poems are written by me unless otherwise stated. Inspiration comes from multiple sources, or put differently, comes from living life and looking out for poetry – which, fortunately, is everywhere.

 Profile picTo read the weekly poems and blog posts go to www.rillaspoems.com/weeks-poems/

An introduction and background, you can find here www.rillaspoems.com/introduction/ 


To read poems on a specific topic click on the links at the top of the page, and scroll down the list of poems that appear.

Please feel free to comment on what you read. There is a requirement that you identify yourself when making a comment, which is only to avoid spam. I wish it wasn’t necessary, but I’m afraid it is.

If you wish to get in touch with me you can leave a message as a comment on this page. I check the site most days so will get back to you in a day or two.

Photo’s are almost all my own and are mainly from Bangladesh, but also one or two from Nepal, Denmark, Sweden, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Thailand, Italy, Norway, Ireland and Turkey. The few that are not my own are contributions by friends and family.

You can also follow me on twitter, https://twitter.com/Rillaspoems
where I tweet as the ‘on-line, one-line poet’.






12 thoughts on “Welcome to Rilla’s poems

  1. I see your site is in the same niche like my weblog.
    Do you allow guest posts? I can write interesting and unique content for you.
    Let me know if you are interested.

  2. Oh Rilla, again a very nice poem of yours-you make me feel as you were close by here! Love reading your lyrics, it takes me back to Bangladesh and all memories, our walks, our talks, our dinners, the Club, the Association of the Month of January……..besides reading lovely words without boarders.

  3. Hongera girl. you are doing a fantastic job. I read all the poems you posted and like them all. I always look forward to your next one. Keep it up dear friend.

  4. Hi! I stumbled upon your poem through a a FB page ( political poems ) . I feel lucky!
    The poems are nice and the photos are so soothing!
    Keep it up !
    I’m a small businessman in Dhaka and if you ever feel the need for any assitance in Bangladesh – drop me a line !

  5. I am so impressed of your skills of writing poems. Thank you for giving me the two books. I love the first one, which was only given to me and your two sisters. I love it for the variety in places and subjects, and the way, you open your soul for us, but specially your ability to create the wonderfull flow of words into lovely poems.
    Your first little book “Bangladesh days and dreams” give us all a vivid picture of the life, land, climat and people of Bangladesh. I hope it will be followed by more books.

  6. Really lovely webiste.

    Any blog links I could follow through my blog in bloggers.in. Actually just started blogging and would love to read some nice poems- especially as I have been away from my pen for quite a while. So need to follow a lot of blogs and read stuff for inspiration. Help me by posting links i could follow

  7. I am amazed by your poetic skills. You are showing the other side of you most people didn’t know of. Keep it up girl :-)

  8. Well done, you! I second Gerard’s comment about your impressive time management. I still have what I think is your first published writing ‘Memories in Red Dust’ (signed copy!) on my shelf. I look forward to reading your new works as they are published. Sam x

  9. I was amazed that you have time for this too! Working, houskeeping, travelling, jogging, being an involved and sportive mother etc.
    I will read and comment from time to time. Due to not be able to open internet always also because of travelling and parttime officework. Warm regards, also from Gerard, Adri

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